United Kingdom – Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s, and the Globe


Tower of London in horizon; view from the Millennium Bridge at dusk in London
View from Millennium Bridge of The Shard (of Glass)- London

Ah, the UK.

While at first glance it seems to be the picturesque display of every movie with scenes from London (yeah, I’m talking about Parent Trap, and yeah, I did pretend I was Lindsay going through the town admiring London’s beauty and charm), a closer look proves it to be exactly what you’d expect: the classical picturesque London, except 1000 times better.

We started off our London evening with a walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Can I just say how amazingly beautiful St. Paul’s is? And it is also worth noting we did not have the chance to go inside. For sure going to take a trip back to actually see it.

(Oh, and there was a bride and groom taking wedding photos when we went by it the next day- what a background!!)

Our first night in London was topped off by walking across the Millennium Bridge also known as the “Wibbly Wobbly Bridge” and a look at the Globe Theater.

Some history? Of course. The Millennium Bridge crosses over the legendary Thames River (pronounced “Tems” if you don’t want to sound like basic tourists). Construction began in 1996 and it was opened June of 2000. It is a steel suspension bridge, and “wobbles” because of the variation of people’s walking patterns and amount of people crossing over it. (Science Daily has more information on it if you want the full scientific explanation)

Upon returning to the hotel, the need for sleep overcame all the excitement of the next days ahead.


St. Paul’s, Millennium Bridge, Globe Theater – 10/10 –  all three are within walking distance and all are so amazing! A must-see. When I go back to London, I have to see inside St. Paul’s.

Keep on traveling.


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