Paris-Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower in summer 2016 during the World Cup
The Eiffel Tower from a deck view before a rain storm

There is something to be said for Paris.

So much beauty, and well, so much graffiti, too.

I had been told by one of my friends that Paris has a surprising amount of graffiti. And I will admit it is true, and slightly distracting.

However, once you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, the Louvre, and taste a macaron, you do not let the graffiti get in the way of the unbelievable beauty that is Paris.

This post will just focus on the Eiffel Tower because each honestly deserves its own post. So lets talk about it.

The Eiffel Tower is definitely a Parisian staple, and I guarantee you probably knew that before even reading that. From a distance, the Eiffel Tower seems like, giant, but not that giant.

And then your coach bus drops you off in front of it on ground level and you stare in awe at how it is this giant tower in the midst of tiny little buildings.

Fun story, my friends and I were kind of dumb and tried to go in through a different line at security, and ended up losing our place in line, so tip #1 for travelling with patience is stay in line. Do not try to sneak around to a different line because it looks like you will get there faster. It will probably not be worth it.

But once we were in, wow. You feel very very small. So because tourist, we took some pictures and then went to another line to go up. And took some more pictures because as a tourist, you find the seemingly funniest things to be the most exciting. We took the elevator up the entire way and yeah, I 98.5% guarantee that it was just as fun as if you walked up. Except easier, too.

And then the view from the top. Just, wow.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

You feel like you can see for miles and miles. And if you are scared of heights, I urge you to get past it and go to the top. The view speaks for itself.

It is so awesome just look at the city from that level. Such a cool thing. Photos and stories cannot do it justice.

After returning to the bottom after probably an hour (totally worth it to take a stroll around the entire top of the tower), more pictures were taken (not even surprising). It was then lunch, so we wandered a little out of the area and got what else, but crêpes. Nutella crêpes.

Yeah, welcome to Paris.


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