United Kingdom- Windsor

I, for one, was impressed with the first couple days in London. We started off going straight from Heathrow Airport to Windsor Castle.

Though being on the left side of the road was quite unusual, you get used to it after a couple days. Our trip to Windsor seemed to take quite awhile, but we were also all exhausted from the flight and lack of sleep. (I did sleep for a couple hours on the plane though, which was *definitely* beneficial.)

It seemed as though there was nothing interesting to see, until we took a turn and there the castle is in the horizon!!

Maybe it was the fact that it was the first place I had been to in Europe, or maybe it was that I found my best friends on the trip eating at a fish and chips place. Either way, a great start with great people in the UK, because Windsor Castle, and the streets around it were just great!

I did not have much time to wander Windsor, so I didn’t get to see inside the castle walls, but it was beautiful just looking from the outside. And I can say that when I return to London, it will include walking through the castle.

To make myself feel better about missing out on the interior of Windsor, I looked up Windsor, and wow, I will admit I did kinda miss out on that… But hey, I will definitely be going back to Windsor, sooo there’s that to make me feel better?

Also recommend that you get yourself a tour guide or something for a part of the place, makes things make more sense.


Windsor Castle – 8.5/10 – I can’t accurately describe how I truly felt about the place, also didn’t get to go inside due to time restrictions. Also very VERY touristy unless you wander further away from the castle down some side streets





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