Switzerland – The Overview

Switzerland. Wow. I had always wanted to go to Switzerland. And I knew right from the start that it would be a place where I would be completely overwhelmed by the majestic mountains and waterfalls and chocolate.

I just did not correctly anticipate how much I’d love the place. With switchbacks, gelato, vertical trains, swatches, and pure drinks, there is something that just leaves a lasting happiness and a longing to return.

There are so many places I just loved in Switzerland.

The small town of Crans-Montana was our home for four nights. Up and up the mountain we went, and then we just landed in this cute little town! The craziest part? We had reached the “home mountain” or whatever you’d like to call it, but it took roughly another half hour to hour to reach the town!! So even though we were “home” we weren’t really home!

We stayed in the Grand Hôtel du Parc, and other friends stayed in the Hotel Olympic if I recall. And OH MY GOSH. Talk about the view! Literally it is just so gorgeous! And at sunset- views upon views.

And then you wake up to the beautiful sunshine. I, one day, had the luxury of one roommate being in the dining room eating breakfast while the other was getting ready, so I sat on the patio/porch and just looked outside at the beautiful sunrise. There is nothing better than swiss chocolate and swiss sunrises in the mountains.

No videos or pictures can do it justice, but I still took a video of the misty morning and took pictures of the pink and purple sunset.

I can say it is quite possible to fall in love with a small little town in less than 24 hours.



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