Austria – Seefeld!

Perhaps my favorite out of all the places I’ve gone, the quaint village of Seefeld was what had it all: shopping, mountains for hiking, views, pools, and an Olympic – certified experience.

Yep, the winter Olympics were held in Seefeld years back, and even though time has past, the Olympic charm has stayed.

The Olympic pool is also worth mentioning, with indoor and outdoor connected pools, slides, and other athletics available. I advise bringing your own towel from the hotel to save about $3. Like you don’t even get to keep the towel, you just use it. Highly highly recommend bringing your own towel so you don’t end up like a few of my friends who were sharing a hand towel and used a hair dryer to dry off…hilarious, but not worth experiencing again, I’m sure.

The food in Seefeld was great! We had our meals at a restaurant across the street from our hotel had a beyond nice owner who favorited me and my friends’ table in particular. We ended up getting a free second bowl of ice cream (because he thought that everyone had been served, but oops, there was one table without….they got ice cream too, but not two like we did!) And the next day he talked to our table for quite awhile too! Like honestly the Austrian charm was so evident there.

And then we have the “shopping district”. I felt right at home walking around the small shops and you honestly just become part of the town, and become an Seefeld-Austrian. From cute soap shops, to carousels, to shoes – the variety is unreal!

Lastly, the mountains. My friend and I hiked and re-created the classic Sound of Music picture (even though we weren’t in Salzburg) because SOM is so great! The hike was super fun and not even that difficult (probably should wear tennis shoes and not sandals) but it was such a great experience to walk around a mountain!

Austria has so much to offer, even in the smaller towns – definitely loved it there.


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