Geneva, Switzerland

Going through the hundreds of photos from abroad (hundreds of hundreds), I felt like another Switzerland post was just something that couldn’t be avoided. After all, who doesn’t like seeing gorgeous scenery?

There are many words that come to mind when seeing the aqua blue water, and the first is JUMP IN.

We couldn’t though, but I can say I did swim in Lake Geneva because I touched the water so that definitely counts!!

Aside from the water which is beautiful on its own, there were the surrounding mountains! Like it is the best of both worlds!

And the town itself is super cute. There was a jazz festival going on at the time and we were going to visit it but then we got to this mall-like area and I was drawn to do what else but walk around the surprisingly large shopping district of sorts. And there is honestly just something about the atmosphere of being in Switzerland that makes you want to spend hours just wandering around. Or wander around for hours spending. Either or..

But I cannot stress enough, it was super warm, and walking from the Castle of Chillon (that’s pronounced “Shee-yon” – not “chill-on”)  to the other side of the lake took almost an hour. (And I still wonder how in the world I lost like 10 pounds on this trip, especially considering I had sooo much chocolate.)

Definitely would suggest bringing a bottle of water. Because I must have not had one or forgot it or something because I was like *that* close from about drinking the lake water. Maybe not that close….but still.

Oh, and I am still going to bring up the fact we didn’t get to really swim in Lake Geneva.

One day, Lake Geneva. One day.


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