(Less than) An Hour in Liechtenstein

So for today’s post I’d thought I’d reflect a place we spent an hour in. But actually, it was less than that.

45 minutes.

I was in the lovely little country of Liechtenstein and what a grand little time it was to match. We stopped in Vaduz, the capitol.

You can have a stamp for 3 euros, and I thought that was a ridiculous price for a little ink so I didn’t do that, and instead bought a cherry strudel-y thing.


If you think Paris is the pastry capital of the world, don’t. Paris is the macaroon/macaron whatever you want to call them of the world and Liechtenstein is the pastry capitol.

Unless we’re talking croissants, then I shout out the place in Austria – Hotel Wetterstein. 10/10 would stay there again.

But that’s a whole other country.

The only thing I was kind of disappointed about was the lack of snow globes. Throughout my trip, I got mini snow globes, one for each country I visited. I returned home with at least 7 in tact. None broke – so you can imagine the disappointment of not getting a snow globe from Liechtenstein.

At least the cherry strudel was good.

Oh, and about the one time I drank chocolate, yeah that happened after Liechtenstein. White chocolate has a lower melting point than milk or dark, so putting it in my purse and walking around for almost an hour in the very very hot sun, not good. So it melted and got on all my stuff and I tried to drink the rest off the wrapper and that just created a big mess and a hilarious picture. Which I will not be showing….because…its not cute.

Not quite Liechtenstein but this will do 🙂

Keep on travelling and eating chocolate


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