Venice – Arriving

Venice. Venezia. Italy. Italia.

There are many amazing points of this wonderful place. However, and quite surprisingly so, I used to think that it was just okay. That I would never go back.

While that might be partly true, I now look back on the day I spent in Venice with more than just relief its over.

Venice was really a beautiful place and I still kind of can’t believe I was there. The water is a teal-y blue green and the buildings a deep red-orange- the contrast becomes much more appealing than I would have first expected.

Today’s post will be about arriving to, and the first reactions to Venice. Before we got to Venice, we had a 5 hour (that’s right – 5 hour) drive from Austria to the shore of Italy to go over to Venice. The water taxi ride to Venice took about 20 minutes, and when we arrived, it was packed and super hot. Granted, we went in almost peak season – early July. We also had to wear something that covered shoulders to knees because we were going into St. Mark’s.

Road to Venice – ft. vineyards!

We had a mini tour around Venice with this Venetian lady and she was very nice and showed us some pretty cool locations, such as this mini garden area with a Methuselah-type statue above the door. After that, we had time to wander around.

We shopped just walked through stores because Venice. Leather, glass, decorated masks – so much to choose from. The leather shops are AMAZING. Pro-tip : don’t ask the person if the leather is real. I thought that I was being smart by not  getting ripped off, but the lady did not like being asked if it was genuine leather purses, wallets, and such. Oops.

There are many many many MANY tourist-y shops, so if you are looking for something in particular, just keep on moving. There will be another shop with something more closely related to what you were initially looking for.

And to answer your question, nah, it doesn’t smell that bad in the streets because of bad plumbing and because its a floating city. Only a few streets where there was only a slight smell of something. Then again, don’t quote me on that because depending on what time of the year you go, it could be worse or better.

And sadly no, didn’t get any chocolate. Is Italy even known for that? Will just have to go back and find out!

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of “Venice” by following!

As always, keep on travelling


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