Wow. Inactivity has swept over and I haven’t posted in what- 3+ months? It is actually kind of sad, I haven’t talked about nearly as many places as I wanted to.

But sometimes life just happens like that. Other things tend to take priority and then….you know what happens. Inactivity on the ole WordPress.

These past few months posting on WordPress have really been so beneficial. I’ve gained a rather small, yet supportive audience of readers. And that has meant so much to me. Even if I just share my story with one other person, I feel as though I have accomplished something.

Today isn’t a post about a great visit to a country that I ended up simply falling in love with. It’s about the realization that..well..the trip is over. And a giant thank you all of the wonderful people I’ve met and all of the amazing places I’ve been to. So here we go.

Thank you, locals, of all of the amazing countries, cities, and towns we stopped in. You were all so kind. To the owner of the restaurant in Austria, I am forever grateful for the extra bowl of ice cream you gave our table. You talking to us every day at dinner was like having a grandfather in Austria, and how cool is that? To the people of Switzerland, thank you for being soo welcoming and for appreciating us and our music. It was a blessing and honor to perform for you all. And thanks for the fondue party. To the man sitting outside the Whole Foods in London, thank you for making me feel better about drinking my 36,000 calorie smoothie (it wasn’t even that close, the kJ just confused me) while you shoved your face full of chocolate. I’m more like you now dude, no worries.

Thank you, chaperones, for making the trip what it was- like having 50 moms and 50 dads around to make sure we didn’t die or something. You took me and a friend out to lunch one day just because you knew how badly we needed support in a time of less-than-good events. You made me change my shorts because they weren’t “long enough” despite every other parent not saying anything – yeah girl – I know who you are, but I’m not too upset about it anymore. You suggested I wear pants on the Matterhorn because it was usually cold. It wasn’t, but who thought wearing a skirt while sitting on a mountain with grass and who knows what else lurking in the grass was a good idea- me, but it was not a good idea. So thank you for stopping me. Thanks for not always getting mad at us for talking loudly and laughing all the time. Thanks for monitoring the halls and making my friends and I bond by protesting being yelled at for being “too loud”. LADY IT WAS THE ROOM NEXT DOOR. It bonded us together even closer in our “vow” of silence.

Thank you, fellow travelers, for being the most awesome friends I could have asked for on this adventure. You made every moment so much better. Traveling with any other group of people would NOT have given me as amazing of a trip as I did have. A shout out to each and every member of the group who completely embraced the crazy early mornings and long nights. From wandering the streets of Paris to adventuring on mountains, swimming in Olympic pools, and taking endless amounts of pictures. OUR SQUID (squad) WILL FOREVER BE THE BEST OF THE GROUP.

Thank you, families, (every single one) for supporting us. We have an insane love for music, and we could not have gone to see such incredible places without the support and love! The true MVPs!!

And lastly, thank you, directors, for inspiring us with a love for music. Without you – this adventure of a lifetime would not even have been a possibility. Truly so much credit goes to you.

Thank you all, for an amazing adventure.

Here’s to many, many, many more great travels for all of us,




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