Wow. Inactivity has swept over and I haven’t posted in what- 3+ months? It is actually kind of sad, I haven’t talked about nearly as many places as I wanted to. But sometimes life just happens like that. Other things tend to take priority and then….you know what happens. Inactivity on the ole WordPress. These … More Reminiscing

Venice – Arriving

Venice. Venezia. Italy. Italia. There are many amazing points of this wonderful place. However, and quite surprisingly so, I used to think that it was just okay. That I would never go back. While that might be partly true, I now look back on the day I spent in Venice with more than just relief … More Venice – Arriving

Geneva, Switzerland

Going through the hundreds of photos from abroad (hundreds of hundreds), I felt like another Switzerland post was just something that couldn’t be avoided. After all, who doesn’t like seeing gorgeous scenery? There are many words that come to mind when seeing the aqua blue water, and the first is JUMP IN. We couldn’t though, … More Geneva, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt-erhorn. See what I did there? While some probably see Zermatt as boring or “cliche” because the Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain in the world, you can’t deny that it is just plain amazing. Talk about views upon views and the fresh air and all of that. SO worth the somewhat scary bullet train … More Zermatt, Switzerland

Austria – Seefeld!

Perhaps my favorite out of all the places I’ve gone, the quaint village of Seefeld was what had it all: shopping, mountains for hiking, views, pools, and an Olympic – certified experience. Yep, the winter Olympics were held in Seefeld years back, and even though time has past, the Olympic charm has stayed. The Olympic … More Austria – Seefeld!

Paris-Eiffel Tower

There is something to be said for Paris. So much beauty, and well, so much graffiti, too. I had been told by one of my friends that Paris has a surprising amount of graffiti. And I will admit it is true, and slightly distracting. However, once you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, the Louvre, and … More Paris-Eiffel Tower

United Kingdom – Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s, and the Globe

  Ah, the UK. While at first glance it seems to be the picturesque display of every movie with scenes from London (yeah, I’m talking about Parent Trap, and yeah, I did pretend I was Lindsay going through the town admiring London’s beauty and charm), a closer look proves it to be exactly what you’d … More United Kingdom – Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s, and the Globe